High School

The High School is comprised of grades 9 through 12, with opportunities for students to continue skill development as a part of their Transition plans in, what is known as, grade “12 +” (up to age 21). The High School offers a wide variety of programmatic options to help students fulfill their town requirements and achieve their goals and expectations reflected in their Individualized Education Plans.

The focus for the High School programs is:

Academic curriculum and preparation for college program enrollment

Vocational-Technical Education and preparation for post-secondary program enrollment

Preparation and training for direct entry into the workforce

The Right Program for Every Student

Challenging academic courses for college-bound students, advanced technical training for job-oriented students, and functional academics for students with special needs reflect the wide range of educational opportunities available through ASD's High School programs.

State-of-the-art equipment, an innovative, effective curriculum and experienced, caring instructors prepare our students for a bright future. Approximately 50% of ASD graduates go on to college/postsecondary programs; 20% pursue technical training and about 20% enter the workforce in the year following graduation.
    • Smiling girl in a wheelchair

      Smiling girl in a wheelchair

Academic, Vocational and Extracurricular Opportunities

    • robotics


Students have access to a broad range of outstanding educational opportunities and support services. Depending upon students' individual needs and interests, their course of academic studies will be enhanced by:
  • English reading/writing programs
  • Science laboratories
  • French Language elective
  • Computer laboratories
  • Government Studies (culminates in Close Up week in Washington, DC)
  • Evening Academic Support Center
  • Academic Bowl
  • Peace Jam
  • French Exchange Program
  • Robitics
  • Culinary

After-School Programs and Extracurricular Activities

The High School Program is supplemented by a comprehensive after-school program, which includes the school's Student Life/Residential Life Services. ASD sponsors a wide variety of extracurricular activities including:
  • Junior Connecticut Association of the Deaf (Jr. CAD) chapter
  • Student forum government
  • CT. Forum
  • Drama Club
  • Leadership training
  • Class organizations
  • Seven varsity and junior varsity athletic teams in five different sports (basketball, soccer, track, wrestling and volleyball)
  • On- and off-campus paid work experience
  • Evening Homework Help Center
    • field trip to Washington DC

      field trip to Washington DC

Extensive Resources and Support Services

    • High School Classroom

      High School Classroom

The High School program is supported by professional staff with specialized training in the areas of school counseling, social work, school psychology, speech and language pathology, audiology, physical and occupational therapy, job placement and sign language. Over 90% of ASD faculty and professional staff have earned master’s degrees or above.

Professional services include:
  • Guidance and career counseling
  • Independent living skills training
  • Personal and group counseling
Transition refers to activities meant to prepare students for adult life. At ASD, it is our aim to help students achieve their personal and professional goals through career exploration classes, transition and academic assessments, work experience, and other experiences that match their interests, abilities, skills and needs. The transition process will guide students from self-awareness to career awareness to career exploration and ultimately, to career decision making.
    • Transition Hub

      Transition Hub

Transition Hub

  • Career counseling
  • Job development preparation
  • Hands-on computer, culinary arts, robotics, test prep, seminar classes, media publications
  • Work Experience