Program Leadership Team


List of 42 members.

  • Photo of Rena Billings

    Rena Billings 

    Senior Accountant
  • Photo of Christa Bolen-Lange

    Christa Bolen-Lange 

    Assistant Principal
  • Photo of S. Craig Boyce

    S. Craig Boyce 

    Security Chief
  • Photo of Jeffrey Bravin

    Jeffrey Bravin 

    Executive Director
  • Photo of Justin Brooks

    Justin Brooks 

    Student Support Coordinator, PACES Program
  • Photo of Nicholas Campbell

    Nicholas Campbell 

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Heidi Catalan

    Heidi Catalan 

    Supervisor, ASD Interpreting Department
  • Photo of Liz Citron

    Liz Citron 

    Clinical Social Work Coordinator, PACES Program
  • Photo of Molly Cooper

    Molly Cooper 

    Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Elise Crawford

    Elise Crawford 

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Redente D'Angelo

    Redente D'Angelo 

    Director of Operations
  • Photo of David Del Pizzo

    David Del Pizzo 

    Associate Director of Student Life
  • Photo of Gwynne Deveau

    Gwynne Deveau 

    Human Resources Manager
  • Photo of Liz DeRosa

    Liz DeRosa 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Lakisha Dickerson

    Lakisha Dickerson 

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Christopher DiSanto

    Christopher DiSanto 

    Athletic and After School Program Director
  • Photo of Desiree Duda

    Desiree Duda 

    Coordinator of Transition Services
  • Photo of Kristin Feldman

    Kristin Feldman 

    Associate Director of Student Life
  • Photo of Kelli Gilbert

    Kelli Gilbert 

    Director of Student Health Center
  • Photo of Bradley Hammond

    Bradley Hammond 

    Security Chief
  • Photo of Maria Jacovino

    Maria Jacovino 

    Coordinator LRC/Library Services
  • Photo of Dean Karabetsos

    Dean Karabetsos 

    Coordinator of Student Support Services
  • Photo of Stacey Katz Shapiro

    Stacey Katz Shapiro 

    Director of Online Programs
  • Photo of Paige Kenausis

    Paige Kenausis 

    Assistant Principal, PACES Program
  • Photo of Heidi King

    Heidi King 

    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Photo of Jennifer Labriola-Megee

    Jennifer Labriola-Megee 

  • Photo of Stephanie McClellan

    Stephanie McClellan 

    Director, Birth to Three Services
  • Photo of Kerry McDowell

    Kerry McDowell 

    Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Photo of Holly Miller

    Holly Miller 

  • Photo of Paula Morabito

    Paula Morabito 

    Assistant Executive Director
  • Photo of Bonnie Nicol

    Bonnie Nicol 

    Clinical Coordinator, PACES Program
  • Photo of Robert Nitko

    Robert Nitko 

    Educational Technology Specialist
  • Photo of Kat Northup

    Kat Northup 

    Coordinator, ASD Community Interpreting
  • Photo of Angela Paydos

    Angela Paydos 

  • Photo of Jennifer Pizzoferrato

    Jennifer Pizzoferrato 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Photo of Cheyenne Rhodes

    Cheyenne Rhodes 

    Behavioral Data and PBIS Intervention Coordinator
  • Photo of Angel Rubinan

    Angel Rubinan 

    Pupil Personnel Services Coordinator
  • Photo of Jenilee Terry

    Jenilee Terry 

    Admissions Officer
  • Photo of Amanda Tini

    Amanda Tini 

    Student Health Center Pediatric APRN
  • Photo of Oliver Tolve

    Oliver Tolve 

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Jose Viera

    Jose Viera 

    Associate Director of Student Life
  • Photo of Keri Weston Thomas

    Keri Weston Thomas 

    Student Transition Services Coordinator

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