Executive Director's Message

Jeffrey Bravin

Dear Friends:

This is a moment of great reflection and anticipation at the American School for the Deaf. Last June, we concluded the third year of our three-year strategic plan. This milestone allowed the ASD family to come together and reflect upon the work that has been accomplished, the goals that are yet to be achieved, and our dreams for the future.

While we have taken great strides forward, we know there is much to be done to remain the premier educational resource for deaf and hard of hearing students. We must continue evolving with innovative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges by continually modifying our programs to meet our students’ unique learning needs.

We are plotting the course for our next three years, and we will soon complete a new strategic plan for the school. This plan will focus on growing our enrollment, enhancing our educational, vocational, and transition service offerings, augmenting the American Sign Language/English Bilingual approach in the classroom, expanding our presence nationally and internationally, and enriching the residential experience for our students who call ASD home. Though ambitious, ASD has set itself on steady ground and is prepared to tackle this enormous endeavor.

During moments of great change, it is important to remember those who have unwavered in their support and allegiance to ASD. It is because of our friends that we are able to prepare deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students with diverse communication needs for a lifetime of success.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.


Jeffrey Bravin Signature

Jeffrey S. Bravin
Executive Director