Executive Director's Message

Jeffrey Bravin

Dear Friends:

This is an exciting time at the American School for the Deaf! In April, we launched into our third century with the celebration of our 200th anniversary. Although much has changed since our early days, our mission remains the same. We continue to provide an exceptional education program while developing innovative solutions to the challenges of today.

At ASD, we remain at the forefront of the latest advances in technology to provide our students with a leading edge in our digital world. We know that a strong language foundation is the key to success for deaf and hard of hearing students, and we ensure that there are no barriers to attaining this foundation.

Infant with Hearing Aids

Through an American Sign Language/English Bilingual approach, we offer our students a fully accessible language environment to maximize their unique potential and unlock their dreams. Click Here For Our Language and Communication Policy.

Student signing

ASD has always been a pioneer in meeting the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students. From establishing the first school for the deaf in America to our ongoing work creating new legislation, ASD has never been afraid to take a stand. We understand that to thrive, we must navigate and evolve with the changing landscape of deaf education. In keeping with this philosophy, we are in the process of developing a state-of-the-art autism program on campus. This program will broaden our services to include not only deaf and hard of hearing students, but also hearing nonverbal students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who will benefit from visual language to acquire communication skills. This new program will allow ASD to empower a new demographic of students while ensuring access to the best educational resources for deaf, hard of hearing, and autistic students everywhere. I look forward to sharing updates with you as we continue to progress forward.

2017 asd graduate in robe

Like many nonprofit organizations, ASD depends on philanthropic gifts to support our vital programs. It is because of the generous support from people like you that we have served thousands of deaf and hard of hearing children for over 200 years. Thank you for your continued friendship and commitment to ASD!

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Jeffrey S. Bravin
Executive Director