Executive Director's Message

Dear Friends:
It is a moment of tremendous growth at the American School for the Deaf.  We continue adding to our programs and services while expanding our footprint to provide the best education for deaf and hard of hearing students.  Through our on and off-campus programs, we are currently serving over 550 students worldwide – and our impact is rising! 

ASD’s Birth-to-Three program has expanded across the State, more than doubling its families served from 44 families in 2021 to over 110 today.  ASD’s Online Academy has also grown exponentially since its launch in 2021.  Over 250 students are now enrolled in the Online Academy, both in the United States and across the globe.  Schools for the deaf across the country have begun partnering with the Academy to provide online classes, and several students are also benefiting from a variety of accessible Related Services, including counseling and speech.  We look forward to watching this program grow while making a difference for deaf and hard of hearing students everywhere.  

Earlier this year, ASD released a new three-year strategic plan focused on enhancing our reputation as a global leader in Deaf Education while also strengthening our current facilities to meet the evolving needs of our students.  Over the next few years, we plan to enhance our residential treatment program to best meet the unique needs of students with severe behavioral and emotional challenges.  With the groundbreaking of two new dormitories in November, this work is well underway.  These new dorms will feature specialized designs, including single-story buildings with clear lines of sight and a pod floor-design, to allow students of similar ages and support needs to live together safely and comfortably while communicating with ease.   Dedicated independent living skills areas will also be included within each dorm to foster a sense of independence among our students as they learn the critical skills necessary to prepare for life after ASD.  When our students receive the care and support they need, they gain the tools to grow into responsible citizens.  The result is a stronger, more vibrant community. 

While our on-campus work continues, ASD is also promoting our reputation as a resource for the deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind communities across the State.  Together with several partners and organizations, we have embarked on an 18-month project to break down communication barriers in education and healthcare.  We are raising broad awareness around the communication challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss, and offering solutions to help educators and medical professionals ensure that no one is  “lost in translation.” 

Every day, we are humbled by the incredible generosity of our friends and community partners who make our work possible.  Because of you, we can prepare our students for futures in which they are…ALL ways able.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.


Jeffrey S. Bravin
Executive Director

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  • Growing

    our enrollment
  • Enhancing

    our educational, vocational and transition service offerings
  • Augmenting

    the American Sign Language/English Bilingual approach in the classroom
  • Expanding

    our presence nationally and internationally
  • Enriching

    the residential experience for our students who call ASD home
  • Sustaining

    a culture of transparency, accountability, and open-communication
  • Ensuring

    continued financial stability
  • Developing

    efficient data collection and analysis processes

American School for the Deaf CREDO

What does it mean to be able?
It means you can.
You have what it takes.
To think.
Not just in a classroom, but in the world.
So we prepare deaf and hard-of-hearing students  not only for diplomas,  but for their whole lives.
By nurturing the whole child:
Intellectually. Emotionally. Physically. And socially.
And by giving every student everything they need to focus not on obstacles or challenges, but on opportunities and potential. Our students and their families find we’re more than a school — we’re a true community, made up of passionate professionals. And using a holistic, ASL/English bilingual approach, we help students and their families be well-prepared to participate in everything tomorrow will bring. Because we want all our students to look forward to futures in which they’re...
ALL ways able.
    • Jeffrey S. Bravin

      Executive Director

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The American School for the Deaf strives to be an inclusive community that welcomes and celebrates diversity.  As a society, we have work to do in the fight against racial violence and discrimination.  ASD maintains the fundamental principle that equity should prevail for all, and we uphold the school-wide values of respect, responsibility and safety.  As a learning community, we must engage in productive dialogue to combat systemic racism and social injustice.  By teaching the importance of equality, we will allow our students to grow into responsible citizens who will change the world – for the better. 

Mission Statement

At the American School for the Deaf, students and families are surrounded by inspiring peers, guided by dedicated and committed staff, and supported by robust technology.  We foster a language-rich communication environment that maximizes each student’s potential, empowering them to become educated and self-directed lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

The American School for the Deaf is a comprehensive learning community that welcomes all deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing children with unique communication needs.  We develop the whole child – intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

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