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Cochlear Implant Services
ASD's Cochlear Implant (CI) Services offers comprehensive services including consultation, MAPping, repairs and maintenance, Aural habilitation and support with assistive devices.

Consultation is available for those considering cochlear implantation. Educational Audiologists are available to provide workshops and/or training for school staff regarding how to provide the most appropriate services to students with cochlear implants, as well as peer in-services to educate other students about cochlear implants.

MAPping is provided on site for those with Nucleus (Cochlear Corporation), and Clarion (Advanced Bionics) equipment. ASD's full cochlear implant mapping facility provides each student/individual with a comprehensive MAP report, which offers a detailed explanation of what each MAP/program contains, recommendations as to when and why to change programs and which program to choose, an explanation of what sounds/environments each program is designed to enhance, suggested therapy tasks (when appropriate) and a recommended schedule for subsequent MAPs.

Therapeutic services include aural habilitation (listening therapy) in addition to the speech and language services offered through ASD. MAPping services are heavily speech focused and may incorporate recommendations from therapy providers into MAP adjustments.

Assistive Devices available for those using cochlear implants include FM Systems, sound field systems, and other listening supports. Devices may be purchased or rented.

  • Amplification systems (for hearing aids and cochlear implants and loaner personal hearing aids) are available to all students
  • Assistive Device Support
  • Audiological Support on site
  • Cochlear implant support services can include Aural Habilitation, MAPping, and equipment maintenance as determined at PPT
  • Distance Learning Equipment
  • Central Auditory Processing Evaluations

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Below are some helpful instructional videos for hearing aid and cochlear implant users. 

Pairing your N7 with a mini mic

Using the N7 smart app

Pairing your N7 with a phone clip

Pairing wireless mini mic. N6

Pairing your N7 with an android

Pair N6 to phone clip

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