Executive Director's Message

Dear Friends:

The American School for the Deaf is a pioneering learning community dedicated to innovation. We strive to remain the premier educational resource for deaf and hard of hearing students by developing innovative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges.

ASD recently launched our 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan, the process for which allowed us to evaluate every area of our school. Educators, support staff, administrators and community leaders were actively engaged in the process. The plan plots the course for our next three years, and includes several areas of focus:

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  • Growing

    our enrollment
  • Enhancing

    our educational, vocational and transition service offerings
  • Augmenting

    the American Sign Language/English Bilingual approach in the classroom
  • Expanding

    our presence nationally and internationally
  • Enriching

    the residential experience for our students who call ASD home
  • Sustaining

    a culture of transparency, accountability, and open-communication
  • Ensuring

    continued financial stability
  • Developing

    efficient data collection and analysis processes
It is because of the dedication of our teachers, administrators, and support staff, the unwavering commitment of our Board of Directors, the trust of our families, and the friendship of our community stakeholders that we prepare deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students with diverse communication needs for futures in which they are….ALL ways able.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

Jeffrey S. Bravin
Executive Director

American School for the Deaf CREDO

What does it mean to be able?
It means you can.
You have what it takes.
To think.
Not just in a classroom, but in the world.
So we prepare deaf and hard-of-hearing students  not only for diplomas,  but for their whole lives.
By nurturing the whole child:
Intellectually. Emotionally. Physically. And socially.
And by giving every student everything they need to focus not on obstacles or challenges, but on opportunities and potential. Our students and their families find we’re more than a school — we’re a true community, made up of passionate professionals. And using a holistic, ASL/English bilingual approach, we help students and their families be well-prepared to participate in everything tomorrow will bring. Because we want all our students to look forward to futures in which they’re...
ALL ways able.
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      Jeffrey S. Bravin

Mission Statement

At the American School for the Deaf, students and families are surrounded by inspiring peers, guided by dedicated and committed staff, and supported by robust technology. We foster a language-rich communication environment that maximizes each student’s potential, empowering them to become educated and self-directed lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

The American School for the Deaf is a comprehensive learning community that welcomes all deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing children with unique communication needs. We develop the whole child – intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

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    • Group of students with Executive Director

      Group of students with Executive Director

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