Deaf Mentor Program

The Deaf Mentor Program at the American School for the Deaf (ASD) is a home-based bilingual program dedicated to providing support for families with young deaf and hard of hearing children. Our mentors are highly trained deaf and hard of hearing adult role models who work with families to provide support, strengthen communication skills, and offer advice and guidance based on firsthand experience.
ASD currently uses the SKI-HI curriculum to train Deaf Mentors. The curriculum of the SKI- HI program, which guides our mentors’ work with children and families, includes American Sign Language for Families, Early Visual Communication, and Deaf Culture.
ASD is also working to identify and implement a Deaf Mentor Program for families who are interested in enhancing their deaf or hard of hearing child’s Listening and Spoken Language Skills.
ASD is dedicated to serving and supporting all deaf children and their families, regardless of their preferred communication approach.

The American School for the Deaf serves deaf and hard of hearing individuals from birth through adulthood with a variety of programs and services.