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A Message from the Executive Director

June 2, 2021
Dear ASD Staff,
ASD students and staff are doing well, and our campus is COVID-19 free. 
We have received questions regarding contact tracing and procedures for the two Brock cafeteria employees who tested positive last week. Both Brock employees were sent home, contact tracing was completed, and there was no further impact. Because the employees identified are Brock employees, this matter was handled by Brock Human Resources, not ASD Human Resources. The remaining Brock staff took PCR tests that all came back negative, and we were able to reopen the cafeteria. 
We also received a related question about who is and who is not vaccinated on Brock's staff. This information is confidential, and we are not able to share it.
Field Trips
The PACES and Core programs are doing well and looking forward to some exciting field trips. In keeping with State recommendations, we will continue to keep both programs in cohorts and transport each separately to field trip sites. While community restrictions are being eased, schools are urged to continue mitigation strategies: wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing to keep everyone safe for the remainder of the school year. The school year is almost over, so hang in there, everyone.
As a reminder about when and where masks are needed: the guidance from the State is clear, and specifies which buildings and facilities will continue to require masks. School buildings, hospitals and prisons are just a few of the sites referenced in the guidance. For anyone who would like to review the guidance that was released on May 15, we are including it here: Conditions and Environments Requiring Universal Masking for the Prevention of COVID-19 on and after May 19, 2021.
Changes have been made to the CDC’s travel guidance. Vaccinated individuals who travel do not need to quarantine unless they are symptomatic. In addition, those who have not been vaccinated do not need to quarantine if they have a negative COVID-19 test. The guidance is fluid and changes often. Director of Human Resources Patricia Schoenfeld and Director of the Student Health Center Andrea Dillon are closely monitoring these changes.
Finally, we received several questions about graduation. To clarify, while parents are indeed considered visitors, we are making an exception and allowing them on campus for commencement. We are establishing clear parameters around this event. 
Students are permitted to bring a maximum of four guests, and we will be reminding guests that masks must be worn except while eating. During the dinner, families will each have their own table. During the graduation event, students will sit together, and their families will sit in groups of four, socially distanced under the tent. From the school, only ELT, Academic Hub and a few deans will be attending this event in person. I know many of you would like to attend in person, but we are working to minimize the risk and keep our school safe. 
Again, I want to emphasize that we are very close to finishing the school year. Let’s do all we can to make it safely to the end of the year. Thank you!

Executive Director VLOG

Motivation Thursday
Now this is supposed to be my Thursday communication, even though I know it is Friday! This week, I will be sharing a video of some of the animals and wildlife that we have here at Isola Bella—I hope you enjoy the video!

Camp Isola Bella Finds

As promised, I have developed a second v-log today to share a few interesting artifacts found in the basement at Isola Bella!  Please enjoy taking a step back in time with me! 
Below is a list of artifacts included in the v-log:
  • Apron with clothes pins
  • Boat bumpers (from the 1940s!)
  • Garden tools
  • Life jacket (it still floats, too!)
  • Insect repellant from 1943 used during WWII 
  • Bench seat
  • Old pump
  • Portable grill
  • Hose
  • Archery bow
  • Paddle tennis court (thank you to Denise Graziani for discovering this find!  Maybe we could transform this into a 1:1 pickleball court!)  
ASD Staff Parade - May 13, 2020

Superman Bradley!

10 Minute Chair Exercises

10-Minute Loosen-Up Chair Exercises  

These days, many of us are sitting for longer periods of time, maybe on the computer or in Zoom meetings.  You should take short breaks every once in a while -- go for a walk, put on a song and dance, or do this short video of easy exercises to loosen up the whole body from head to toe.  
Just remember:
2. Keep your back straight, shoulders down/back, chin back, and tummy pulled in.  
3. Keep all movements small/light/soft/easy.  
There is no sound and no speaking, and there are minimal signs -- JUST COPY THE MOVEMENTS.
    • Adaptability graphic decorative

      Adaptability graphic decorative

Executive Leadership Team 
Contact Information
Jeff Bravin
Executive Director
(860) 944-7644 (cell/text)
Liz DeRosa
Director of Institutional Advancement
(413) 695-4985 (cell/text)
Kristin Feldman
Director of Student Life
(860) 944-9365 (cell/text)
Paula Morabito
Director of Education
(860) 471-4787 (cell/text)
Jennifer Pizzoferrato
Director of Finance & Operations
(860) 970-9675 (cell/text)
Patricia Schoenfeld
Director of Human Resources
(347) 213-8479 (cell/text)
Karen Wilson
Director of Clinical Services/Director of PACES
(860) 485-7043 (cell/text)

Human Resources
Contact Information
Patricia Schoenfeld
(347) 213 - 8479 (cell/text)
Tracy Pelletier
(860) 570-2324
Sophia Lanza
(860) 987-2715 (cell/text)
Julie Holcomb
(860) 569-9361 (cell/text)

Business Office
Contact Information
Jenn Pizzoferrato
(860) 970-9675 (cell/text)
Patty Maule
(860) 712-5513 (cell/text)
Rena Billings
(860) 335-5418 (cell/text)
Jayne Mandel
(908) 577-6448 (cell/text)

Information Technology
Contact Information
Randy D'Angelo
(860) 402-1723 (cell/text)
David Gerhold
(860) 944-6739 (cell/text)
Jon Onions
(860) 534-1464 (cell/text)

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  • Visitor Communication Policy


    The health, safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority. ASD has established strict protocols in compliance with all statutes and guidance issued by the Department of Public Health, Department of Children and Families and the Centers for Disease Control, including the adoption of a mandatory health screening and safety measures for all staff and anyone else entering the ASD campus.

    ASD must follow the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and the funding and licensing agencies that oversee their services, regarding visitation and restrictions of all non-essential personnel. To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 at ASD, protective measures and mitigating procedures related to visitors are as follows:

    • Visitation restrictions are communicated by ASD staff to families and guardians and posted on our website. Communication with their children and family members is supported and encouraged by visiting remotely using available technology, such as phone, videophone, relay interpreting services, Zoom, etc.

    • ASD makes a variety of technological options available that support the family/child connection so that they may maintain regular contact. 

    When visitation guidance is revised by the agencies listed above, ASD will develop and issue communications to all potential visitors, family members, and funding agencies regarding any changes.

    In addition, students returning from off-campus locations are required to be in quarantine for 14 days (after each occurrence), and per CT Governor Ned Lamont, any person coming into Connecticut by any mode of transportation for any reason is strongly urged to self-quarantine for 14 days. At this time, on-campus housing and quarantine is not permitted for anyone other than ASD students.

ASL Covid 19 Resources - FROM CDC

    • Covid Infographic

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