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ASD's Internship program is designed to provide practical experience in Deaf Education and Deaf Culture through classroom and dormitory work, and immersion in a sign language environment. This long-term, in-depth involvement helps the intern in the development of educational and career plans. The ASD Internship Program offers limited housing and meals to pre-and post-college students who do not live in the area.

*Note for both potential interns and student teachers: Fluency in sign language is evaluated to appropriately place candidates. To fulfill this essential part of the application, sign language is the method of communication during interviews. The interview will include the following questions:

What motivated you to contact the American School for the Deaf?

What strengths/skills are you bringing to the placement?

What specific goals or aspirations do you have that will be met through placement?

What age group do you prefer to work with?

If selected to interview, you will be contacted to schedule a day and time that is convenient.

Interviews are conducted in person, through Videophone, Skype or Facetime.

Applications for Fall placement are accepted between August 1st and September 15th. Applications for Winter/Spring placements are accepted until December 15th. Applications for Summer are accepted between January 1st and March 1st.

Volunteer Requests

Volunteers play a significant role in the vitality of the American School for the Deaf. ASD takes the commitment our volunteers make very seriously and strives to make it a meaningful, satisfying experience. We often receive requests from people who want to improve their sign language skills or experience Deaf Culture by volunteering. It is difficult for us to find meaningful, ongoing, direct-service placements for people with limited or no sign language skills. We do, however, offer several one-time volunteer or experiential opportunities throughout the year. We also encourage people to volunteer at our annual Golf Tournament in September. In October, we hold our annual Homecoming celebration, this event provides a great opportunity to immerse oneself in Deaf Culture.

Internship/Volunteer Application

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