ASD Middle School Students Create STEAM Classroom in Puerto Rico

Institutional Advancement
Since 2018, ASD middle school students have participated in fundraising activities to raise money in support of ASD's sister school for the Deaf in Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria two years ago. The school for the Deaf, Colegio San Gabriel, was severely impacted by this hurricane, and our students decided to organize a service project to support them.

In early November, our students' dreams finally came true when enough funds were raised to travel to Puerto Rico. Four students and three staff members traveled to the island bringing with them several needed resources, including audiological resources, textbooks, and the necessary materials to create a STEAM classroom at the school.

For the past several years, ASD students have collaborated together to design, build, and utilize Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).  Because of the excitement and fulfillment felt by our students involved with this project, they felt a strong desire to share this experience with their new friends in Puerto Rico.  They brought materials to create ROVs, and taught their peers how to build them, with the hope that they, too, can participate in a national ROV competition in the spring. 

Colegio San Gabriel was incredibly grateful not only for the generous donations, but also for our staff and students giving of their time to pass on the skills necessary to build ROVs. We hope to continue this collaborative service project and travel to the Puerto Rico in the future with more needed supplies.  ASD is greateful for the support we received from our school community!