Jennifer Pizzoferrato

Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Pizzoferrato was appointed Director of Finance and Operations in 2017, and brings to the position significant institutional knowledge earned over more than twenty years as an ASD employee.  

Jennifer is responsible for all fiscal operations of the school, with an emphasis on the annual budget process. She oversees all organizational audits and manages all state bonding funds for capital projects. Jennifer also oversees ASD operations, including the school's interpreting department, Human Resources,  facilities management, custodial, and food service - both on ASD's West Hartford campus and the school's summer camp (Camp Isola Bella) in Salisbury, CT.  

In addition to her fiscal responsibilities, Jennifer also leads the Security and Information Technology Departments and has provided guidance and resources to further the school’s mission regarding enhanced technology. She serves as the staff liaison to several committees of the Board of Directors.

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