School Address and Phone:
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street - West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 570-2300 (Voice)

Isola Bella Address and Phone*:
* Only available during camp sessions, other times please contact the school.
410 Twin Lakes Road
Salisbury, CT 06079
(860) 824-5558 (Voice) (860) 596-0110 (VP)
(860) 824-4276 (FAX)

Sending Letters and Packages (UPS and FED EX):
Camp Isola Bella
410 Twin Lakes Road
P.O. Box 7
Taconic, CT 06079

Camp Director
(860) 899-1209 (VP) - number available from Sept-June

For current open positions at Camp Isola Bella, and to download an application, check the Employment page on the ASD website.
Applications are accepted from November to February. Interviews and hiring start in February.
Anticipated openings include camp counselor (21 years or older) and camp aides/interns (18 years or older).