About Camp Isola Bella

School's out! Time to put away textbooks and have a good time! All the activities at Camp Isola Bella are designed first and foremost to be FUN. Of course, it's fun with a purpose as we design our program to make sure our campers don't regress during the long summer break from school. The camp's philosophy, "learning through experience," is put into effect in three ways:

Self-esteem and a positive attitude come from having successful social experiences with peers and lots of friendly encouragement from the staff. We provide specific situations that are designed for each camper to set goals and challenge themselves while discovering their own skills and abilities. At the same time we provide opportunities that stimulate the development of each camper's self esteem. Specific knowledge and skills are taught with a "learn by doing" approach.

Physical fitness is developed through sports and recreation programs, fostering campers' emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

A wide range of activities are offered to provide appropriate challenges for the wide range of skills and interests campers bring to the island. Campers will keep up their skills and learn many new ones through our fun leadership and literacy activities that are woven throughout the program.

Owned and operated since its beginning by the American School for the Deaf, the camp follows the School's open approach to communication. This means that whatever a camper's mode of communication: sign language, oral, aural, lipreading or a mix - staff are willing and able to meet it. "Total Communication" puts the main emphasis on getting the message across, in whatever way works best for the particular camper. We are also opening our doors to children of Deaf Adults (KODA), as well as to those with deaf siblings!

camp counselor driving speedboat

Highly qualified, professional staff, both deaf and hearing, come to Isola Bella with experience in education, childcare and counseling. A small staff-to-camper ratio ensures plenty of individual attention and high-quality programs. Excellent medical care and facilities are available 24 hours a day. Please note that campers with special needs, including medical conditions, will require prior medical approval for registration and enrollment purposes. Transportation of campers from the local airport, bus or train station is available upon request.


  • Swimming
  • Rope Course
  • Canoeing and Sailing
  • Water Skiing
  • Archery
  • Overnight Camping
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Cooperative games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Special trips and projects
  • Self Discovery Program
  • Banquet Night / Dance
  • Family Day
  • Theme Days

For more information email: IBDirector@asd-1817.org