Fun 2 Tri

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2 Mile Run • 6 Mile Bike • Victory Swim

June 9, 2018

Race begins at 9:30am
Ages 10 and up
Registration: $50

Sign up as an individual or as part of a relay team.

Spectators are welcome to cheer for the participants,

join the after party, play games and have fun at

Camp Isola Bella, 410 Twin Lakes Road, Salisbury CT

What to expect at the Fun 2 Tri:

For our participants:
The start of the event will take place in our “parking lot” where you will be sent off by our cheerleaders on a run through our woods. There will be a few obstacles and surprises on your run. What surprises? Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you! Come find out!

After your initial run to the gate you will get on your bikes and take a nice ride around Salisbury/Taconic. Be prepared for a hilly 6 mile ride!

Once you ride back to the gate you will continue your run back to the waterfront but not without going through our cabins! Once again you will have a few more surprises on your run back. Be prepared to laugh and most!

Now comes the part you worked so hard for! The victory swim! Strip off your shoes and socks and swim to the victory raft where you will have your photo taken with your trophy. Enjoy the after party and celebrate completing the Fun 2 Tri!

For Our Supporters & Participants:
On land we will have vendors, food trucks and other exhibitions as part of the after party and to entertain our supporters. Try woodcarving, knitting, the latest games, food, etc. There will also be opportunity to join some live games to help us fundraise for our campers. There will be something for everyone! Come join us at the Fun 2 Tri and enjoy a wonderful full-filled day on our island!

The FUN-2-TRI Bike Route Google Map of Race Route