Project Ocean - Student holding a sting ray

At ASD, the classroom experience extends beyond our campus, as demonstrated above by a student participating in our Classroom of the Sea project.

Campus Life

The American School for the Deaf Residential Life Program is licensed by the CT Department of Children and Families. The program serves students from Kindergarten through High School. Residential students reside on campus 5 - 6 days a week, depending on the distance of their home community. Residential Counselors support students in a learning environment by offering a variety of life skills based programs and activities, where students will practice how to cook, budget, develop positive leisure skills, and engage in meaningful and accessible off-campus activities. Our Residential Life Program is infused with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework, and is committed to addressing students’ developmental needs and interests through a variety of coordinated services. In addition, academic support is provided through an after school tutoring program. The goal is for students to feel at home, and to believe that they are ALL ways able!

Clubs and Organizations

Student Life Council
Each dorm selects a leader who engages administration on issues concerning residential life, and offers suggestions for improving the residential experience for our entire student body.

Black Student Union
Group meets once a month to learn about and discuss topics relating to heritage and current events.

LatinX Club
Group meets once a month to learn about and discuss topics related to heritage and current events. Students may also be selected to attend the annual Council de Manos each year to discuss topics within the Latin community.

Dance Club

Students each month meet to experience new styles of dance, including tap dancing, hip hop, interpretive and many more.

ASD Students partner with students from other schools to explore current issues and events.

CT Youth Forum
8-15 ASD students travel to different high schools each month to discuss current events in the community and how to address these events, with more than 300 students.

Students meet once a month to learn the finer points of photography. Students apply the lessons learned and assist in photographing school activities, events, athletics and the yearbook.

Outdoor Adventure Club
Students meet once a month to learn about outdoor activities such as hiking, fly fishing, and many more!

Jr CAD (Connecticut Association of the Deaf)
Students meet on the first Monday of each month to develop leadership skills as members of the deaf community.

Kristin Feldman
Director of Student Affairs
Phone: 860-944-9365
Fax: 860-570-2245