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Since our inception, the American School for the Deaf has pioneered the development of innovative solutions to help deaf and hard of hearing students succeed both in school and in life. Today we continue that pioneering tradition as we partner with educators around the globe to open the first accessible online education platform designed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing students—Online Academy.

The right program in the right place

Regardless of where they are, any student can now benefit from an education tailored specifically to their needs as a deaf or hard of hearing student. Whether you’re on the other side of the country, world, or maybe you just learn better from home—the doors to the Online Academy are open for you.

The Online Academy fits the needs of each student

For some students, the Online Academy will be their main source of education. For other students, it might supplement their current public or private school education. And for other students the Online Academy may simply provide tutoring opportunities to help them excel in their education elsewhere. Regardless of how the Online Academy is utilized, our program is there to support children who are deaf or hard of hearing with a tailored curriculum and individualized support for IEP-specific goals.

It only gets better

As online education continues to expand, ASD’s Online Academy will also evolve with the addition of diverse course and curriculum offerings. Today, we offer part-time core curriculum classes to supplement a students’ current educational programs. However, as we continue to move forward, we look to become a comprehensive full-time online program—including things like extracurricular activities, support services, and more!

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Who is this for? 



Language & Communication
American Sign Language and English

Maximum Class Size
8 for live classes

Geographic Area
US and International students 

Quick Facts
  • Grades 6-10 
  • Offering core academic courses: English, Math, Science and Social Studies

  • Support for IEP-specific goals

  • Open to deaf and hard of hearing students nationally and abroad

  • Bilingual approach prepares students for enrollment in ASD or other schools for the deaf

stacey headshot
Stacey Katz Shapiro
Online Academy Coordinator American School for the Deaf 
Text/Voice/FT: 678.356.6565
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