Adult Vocational Services

ASD's Adult Vocational Services (AVS) provides assistance to deaf and hard of hearing adults with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of needs, some of whom may have additional disabilities, in preparing for, finding and maintaining employment. The program also offers services assisting individuals in developing and maintaining appropriate supports for living and working independently.

AVS is a regional program serving individuals throughout Connecticut, New England, and beyond. In addition to the ASD campus in West Hartford, AVS eastern regional office serves clients in Norwich and surrounding towns.

Programs and Services Include:

Occupational Skills Training

Training programs are customized to meet the individual needs of each participant. An individual may require anywhere from nine months to two years to complete their specific program. Housing assistance is available during this time. Many occupational skills training programs are available on campus including: Auto Body Detailing, Computer Repair, Printing/Bindery, Maintenance/Janitorial Service, Culinary Arts and Wood Design. Additionally, training in a variety of areas not listed above can be provided through special arrangements with employers or other training programs.

Job Development and Placement Services

Job Development and Placement Services through our eastern regional office help deaf and hard-of-hearing adults prepare for and obtain meaningful employment. Services include interviewing preparation and cultivation of interviewing skills, job placement and career development, and communication support throughout the interview and placement process.

Employment Services

Employment Services are designed to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing adults and transitioning high school students in maintaining meaningful employment. They include job preparation, work adjustment training, on-site supervision and job training, task analysis and coaching job assistance in developing interpersonal and social skills, assistance in understanding company policies, rules, and benefits, transportation training for independent travel, and peer mentor services.

Employment Services for employers include orientation to deafness, assistance in screening and recruiting deaf and hard of hearing applicants, training, instructing, and supervising individuals on the job site, support and problem resolution, and communication facilitation between employer, employee and co-workers designed to develop natural supports in the workplace.

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services assist deaf and hard-of-hearing adults who need long-term supports in order to choose, obtain and maintain meaningful employment. Services are identical to those listed above, the difference being that services have funding that permits ongoing, long-term assistance.

Support Services

Parenting skills and other support in basic educational skills, including tutoring in American Sign Language, English, math, driver education, independent living and citizenship, are also available through AVS. All such services are designed to enhance and enrich each individual service plan. AVS works closely with a statewide network of rehabilitation and human service agencies, as well as other ASD on-campus support service centers.


For information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Jennifer Del Conte
Director of Education

860-899-1082 VP


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