PACES Program


PACES is a comprehensive Residential Treatment Program at The American School for the Deaf designed to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children and young adults whose emotional and/or behavioral challenges prevent them from being served in more traditional educational programs. 

    • PACES serves students between the ages of 6 and 21 and has been in operation since 1982.

    • Addresses the special needs of deaf and hard of hearing children and youth with significant emotional or behavioral challenges.

    • PACES offers effective, comprehensive, individualized programming delivered by experienced, knowledgeable staff.

    • PACES applies a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework, a strengths-based model, to Residential Treatment.

    • The PACES Program is an approved Residential Treatment Program by  the State Departments of Education of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, and is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families as a Residential Treatment Program. We also serve students from: Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota,New Hampshire Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.

An Integrated Approach

•PACES has an integrated approach which reinforces individualized interventions

•A school-wide Interdisciplinary Team provides consistent programming and includes educational, residential, clinical and medical staff; and 12-week Treatment Plan Reviews which include community providers and families

•A PBIS framework which is incorporated into each student’s Behavior Intervention Plan/Individual Treatment Plan

•Individual and small group Clinical services with an emphasis on strengths-based models, including Trauma Informed Care and  Expressive Therapies

•Inclusion into services offered by ASD’s Family Education Services Department

•Transition Services for the successful transition to a less restrictive program, or community integration after program completion

•On-campus psychiatric consultation and treatment, which includes medication monitoring

•Occupational and physical therapy consultation and treatment services if they are a part of the student’s IEP; Audiology, Speech and Communication services are also available if a part of the student’s IEP

•Small, highly supervised educational program which is monitored by digital, closed circuit TV



The PACES academic program is provided by a staff of certified Teachers of the Deaf, who are also trained in crisis prevention and intervention skills. Small class size allows for more individualized attention, differentiated instruction, as well as, behavioral support.  The educational program offers standard course options in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and the domains of Technology, Physical Education and Health Education.  Additional classes and training in Employability Skill and in electives are also offered.  These courses cover content that meets the requirements of the students’ placing districts as per their Individual Educational Plans, therefore, meeting town credit and graduation requirements. 

Vocational/Technical – The Vocational courses provide 6th through 12th grade students with hands-on, academically-supported, transition focused, real-world vocational and technical training, on-site assessment, job training, work experience and job placement services.

Related Services- Access to ASD’s comprehensive services in the areas of speech and audiology, psychological and educational testing and evaluation, medical and health related services, occupational and physical therapy and interpreting assistance for non-English or families sing American Sign Language.

Therapeutic Services

Clinical Services are provided by full-time, licensed and/or certified Clinicians, social workers and school psychologists, using a variety of effective, evidence-based interventions and therapeutic approaches. PACES also has on-campus psychiatric services providing treatment, medication monitoring and consultation.

Extracurricular Activities

•Sports available include basketball, softball, soccer, cheerleading and volleyball

•Community integration and exposure to multiple cultural, civic and leisure activities

•A variety of student club opportunities including the Martin Luther King Club, Drama Club, Scouting, Jr. CT Associationof the Deaf (CAD), Dance Club, French Exchange Club and recreational sports activities

Student Life/Residential Life Experience

•Emphasis on the development of independent living skills, problem solving skills, the appropriate use of leisure time, and socially appropriate behaviors

•Integration into activities in the community, such as sports and theater events

•Age and developmentally appropriate leisure-time activities such as regular visits to local children’s museums and amusement parks

•Participation in culturally diverse community events

Family Education Program

The ASD Family Education Services Program provides multiple opportunities for families to engage in their child’s life. 

Activities include Family Sign Language instruction, Family Learning Weekend, Parent Open House, Curriculum Night, 12 week Treatment Plan reviews, the availability of on-campus housing for visits to their children, and Clinical  and psychiatric consultation through in-person meetings, phone, email and videophone contact. 


Admission Considerations
  • Students served by the PACES Program have histories of challenging behaviors in school, home, and the community, which may include:
  • An Axis I or II diagnosis of mental illness (DSM-V)
  • Pervasive Development Disorders / Autism
  • Oppositional Defiant and
  • Conduct Disorders
  • Obsessive/Perseverative Behavior
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / Trauma
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder

For more information, contact:

PACES Program Services Information:
Karen V. Wilson
Director of PACES
(860)308-1597 VP

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